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Clint's TOAN Team
Clints Toan Team

The 7KTeamSystem

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Direct Contact Marketing - Letters

Initial Overture Letter #1
This is the letter you send out initially to the DCM Prospect. Remember, DO NOT put ANY links in the letter whatsoever including your "About Me" Page. The time for that will come later.

Subject Line: Hello , -TheirFirstName-, With Your Permission 

Hello -TheirFirstName-:

I saw your ad for --theiradvertiseddeal-- while viewing List Mailing Ads today.

I could tell that you are a real professional by the way you presented the product and the opportunity.

Because you are a professional I’m sure that you are always looking for more and better ways to get quality exposure for , right?

Well, with your permission I would like to send you a bit of information on a truly incredible advertising value.

How would you like to get as many as 50,000 geo-targeted ad impressions each month with average Click Through Rates of 2%-3%?

Yep, it really is pretty amazing but true!

Better yet, the cost is very affordable, and, of course there is a great compensation plan for those who are interested.

If you are looking to grab stellar advertising and plug into an advertising system that could help you and your team explode your --theiradvertiseddeal-- earnings and growth this advertising resource and community could be of great value.

Please let me know if it would be okay to send you a few details including why and how our team leaders will spend money to advertise for you and your team (it’s really pretty amazing).

Thanks again, for your time and I do want to wish you the best of fortune in your marketing efforts for --theiradvertiseddeal-- and your overall online endeavours.

Hope to hear back from you soon.


Your Name
Your Email Address
Your Phone Number (if you usually provide it)



Initial Response Letter #1
This is the letter you send out to prospects who have responded positively to your initial overture letter. Remember, you do NOT want to put this letter in an autoresponder. You want to send it from your personal gmail account and do try to personalize it a little bit.

Subject Line: Hello , -TheirFirstName-, The Ad Resource Information We Discussed

Hello –TheirFirstName--:

Thanks so much for your response and for allowing me to send you a bit of information on this truly effective ad resource. 

So, let’s get right to it and let me show you all the various incredible benefits. 

As I mentioned I am part of a Team that is helping online marketers like yourself to expand their main business while benefitting from the power of a Community Build to generate more income and more advertising.

The underlying advertising company is The Online Ad Network (“TOAN”) a company owned and operated by our good friend

Brian Rooney, the owner/admin of Trafficwave a ten year old Autoresponder Company.

Brian is a well known marketer and a best selling author and he is helping thousands of people like you to get great advertising value for your marketing dollar.

Detailed below are three different links for your review. These links will help you fully understand the power of the Community

Build that we are working on including our innovative Leader Funded Ad Co-Op which could greatly benefit you and your team.

I would like to invite you to one of the many LIVE Presentations that our team holds each week. Check out the schedule below and let me know which Live Presentation might be most convenient for you:


If you would like to listen to a recorded version of the live presentation you can do so here:

http://bit.ly/7kteamsystem  - and make sure you pay particular attention to the information about the “Leader Funded Ad Co-Op” and the exciting “$400 Fast Start Fridays”

Now, if the recorded presentation does for you what it does for most professional marketers who have heard it, you might want to Take Action right away.  If so, you can grab a No Cost 15 Day Trial Membership at the link below. You can even listen to the

Owner, Brian Rooney explain a few more details:


I do want to thank you again, --their name-- for letting me introduce you to this rock solid advertising and income opportunity as a way to assist you to build your --their advertised deal-- business.

I think you will be impressed with The Online Ad Network and I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and welcome you to our team should you see the same potential and value that we do.

Thanks, and as always, best of fortune to you in your online endeavours.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments and feedback!


Your Name
Your Email
Your Phone Number
Your Skype Info
Your “About Me” Page